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What is Anvil

Anvil is a personal fitness studio focused on your individual goals.  They may be mobility, strength, function, fat loss or muscle gain.  We do it all. We are not a crossfit gym and do not pretend to be.

Our training is personalized specifically based upon your goals relative to your base fitness level.

How We Work.

We begin with a body composition analysis. This provides us with data to compare against, and to chart progress towards your goal. Next we will complete a functional movement screen. This initial assessment will reveal movement limitations. These limitations will help us shape your warm-up and training sessions. Each training session is specifically individualized to the needs, wants and abilities of the client. Our process is like putting the steel in the hot bed of coals to soften it up before starting to re-shape it with a hammer on the anvil.

You pay for what you train.  We don’t have monthly dues or membership.  No fees.  Access is available via class or reserved personal training session.  No open gym. Partner and or small group training is available, just contact Kimo for more information.

Group Training

The Beatdown is a full body functional circuit class that incorporates components of mobility, core stability (isometric and dynamic), balance, strength, co-ordination and cardio. It’s designed to be a fun and challenging environment that helps you push yourself to the next level of fitness. This program is for people that have no great movement restrictions.  Whether it is personal training or a group setting Anvil is a community that provides you with the tools to break your chains.

Gym Schedule

Individual / Partner Training by appointment
Monday thru Thursday: 5am – noon
Monday thru Thursday: 4pm – 7pm
Friday: 5am – noon.

Beatdown Schedule
Tuesday & Thursday: 10am & 6:30pm

Kimo Cole

Our goal is to help you identify your limitations or “chains” and then set up a program to help you break those chains.

Kimo Cole


Kimo Cole
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